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  1. Provide exploration services to assist the mining industry to generate potential dicoveries using the scientific method and modern exploration techniques
  2. Design, develop, and manage mineral exploration projects and programs using geologic mapping in conjunction with geochemical pattern recognition techniques to target potential mineralization.
  3. Design multi technique-based orientation surveys to determine the most useful exploration methods to use on a specific property
  4. Strategic planning of exploration and acquisition activities related to economic cycles associated with the mineral industry.

5. Determine 3-D zonation of mineral assemblage distribution (paragenesis and) and elemental transfer mechanisms (alteration) along potential fluid pathways in fossil hydrothermal systems using multi-element geochemistry in conjunction with petrolographic techniques and univariate and multivariate statistical analysis.  Use remote sensing and graphics-based CAD-GIS programs to deduce vectors to mineraliztion to determine drill targets.

6. Metallogenic analysis associated with regional geology using the techniques pioneered by Soviet-era Russian and Czechoslovakian geologists is used to guide green fields mineral exploration.

7. Identification of mineral assemblages to model fluid-rock reactions in metamorphic and hydrothermally altered rocks is used as a guide to mineralization using transmitted and reflected light microscopy and a variety of SEM-based mineralogical and microchemical techniques.

8. SEM and HRTEM-based microtextural and microchemical analysis of rock coatings and grain coatings in soils at the nano-scale determine surficial and vadose (unsaturated) zone geochemical processes are used to refine current exploration geochemistry protocols.

9. Analysis of tectonic history of the wesrern United States and local structural analysis are used to better understand structural control of mineralized systems.


Patrick F. O'Hara, Ph.D.

Owner - Principal 

applied geochemistry

mineral deposits

petrology-ore microscopy


Ph.D. Arizona State University

B.A and M.A. Queens College - CUNY

Victoria O'Hara

Chief Financial Officer


Financial Office

1739 Tatum Pl.

Prescott, AZ 86301


Our primary goal is to generate mineral discoveries

We use modern geological, geochemical, and geophysical techiques to locate mineral resources for the twenty-first century.

We also maintain an active research program to test and enhance various new techniques and technologies proposed by others to locate potential drill targets for blind or hidden targets

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Kaaterskill Exploration

3260 Tower Road, Suite E, Prescott, AZ 86305,

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George E Ryberg - Mineral Exploration - project management

Rouge River Resources


John Ochs - Mineral Exploration - manage drill projects

Cuyahoga Resources


David H. Krinsley - SEM-HRTEM microscopy

Dept. of Geological Sciences 1272 University of Oregon Eugene, OR 97403-1272


William Vanderwall - Exploration and Mining Geology, plus review of resource calculations


Nyal Niemuth-Economic Geology - geologic information broker  nyalniemuth@gmail.com

Clay Conway - Geological Mapping


Mathew Allen - Drill project Management and logistics


Art Merrill - geotechnical project work